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NOTA, Inc. is happy to post research studies on our site for both members and non-members to view and complete. We do ask that all members of the research team be current NOTA members. For more information or to post a research study on the site please contact the NOTA Administrative Assistant at [email protected]

Occupational Therapy Fellowship Outcomes Research

You are invited to participate in a research study about outcomes of occupational therapy fellowship programs. This study is being conducted by Creighton University occupational therapy students, Ashley Holahan, Jenna Kietzman, Jamie Knight, Madisyn McCarville, Sarah Schwarz, & faculty researcher Anna Domina, OTD, OTR/L. This study will review the professional outcomes of occupational therapy doctoral or master prepared practitioners who have and have not completed an occupational therapy fellowship. Factors compared will include job satisfaction, professional development, mentorship and transition into the workforce. Understanding the outcomes of an occupational therapy fellowship program will provide benefits for students, employers, and the field of occupational therapy. This knowledge of fellowship outcomes will help students to better understand their options for education and the outcomes of completing a fellowship program.  

The study will be administered through Qualtrics and will consist of multiple choice, close ended Likert Scale questions, and open-ended questions.  The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
All responses are voluntary, and participants may withdraw at any time throughout the survey.

You will not experience any immediate risks for participating in this study. Certain questions on the survey require the participant to respond to personal information which may cause minimal discomfort.  
You will benefit from completing this study by sharing personal experiences that may contribute to the field of occupational therapy.
Data obtained from this research study will remain confidential and will only be obtainable by the researchers including Creighton University’s faculty that will be acting as a research advisor. Data will be stored in a secured database that is password protected. Also, responses will be reported as aggregate and not as individual.
Compensation will not be provided for participating in this study.
If the participant has questions regarding the study, please contact Dr. Anna Domina, OTD, OTR/L at 402-280-3407. If the participant has questions about research participants’ rights, please contact the Institutional Review Board at 402-280-2126.
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Ashley Holahan
Jenna Kietzman
Jamie Knight
Madisyn McCarville
Sarah Schwarz
Anna Domina OTD, OTR/L