NOTA Welcomes Lobbyist Barry Rubin

Barry Rubin has experience in both the private and public sectors. With 20 years of involvement at the highest levels of business, government and politics, Rubin has managed political campaigns, has served as a state party executive director, state government official and as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies. In 2008, Rubin founded Red State Strategies, LLC, a full-service issue management agency based in Omaha, Nebraska, which specializes in public affairs and issue campaign management.

Rubin’s work also includes public opinion and market research solutions. Whether it involves generating visible and active support, creating new market opportunities, protecting or enhancing clients’ reputations, or developing strong relationships with key allies, Rubin has spent years helping clients meet and exceed their goals.

To read more about Heartland Strategy Group and Barry, check out their website.

Barry’s primary contact with NOTA will be NOTA’s Vice President of Policy, Melissa Kimmerling, and NOTA President Janel Meis. If you have practice and/or legislative concerns, please direct them to Melissa and she will troubleshoot and involve the NOTA President and Barry as needed. Her contact information is:  [email protected]